Canon distributors in Cyprus

Hooray! There are few distributors of Canon in Cyprus. One of them is even 5 minutes away from my office (Omonias Avenue, Limassol) and it deals with photo/video equipment. I’ve called them up and they even half accessories like lenses, lense hoods, and filters. That’s one place to visit right after the next paycheck. :)

5 thoughts on “Canon distributors in Cyprus”

  1. Hello,

    Ia m looking for a supplier of canon digital SLR and lenses. Have you purchased from this distributor in Cyprus. What are theri prices like?

    Leonard Forte

  2. Hey guys, Leonid is right. Was looking for a Nikon D300 for quite some time now and it’s true that it’s super expensive in Cyprus locally. I got it finally from iPelagos at a decent price plus reasonably fast shipping. As far as Canon
    they do have those as well. Of course besides there are more shops on the net you can shop from.

  3. Leonid, hi! The link to distributors of Canon did not work. Could you please send the list to my e-mail – We are looking for a licenced Canon distributor. Your help is much appreciated! Thanking in advance, Natalia

    1. Hi Natalia,

      Sorry, but I cannot help you. My only visit to the official distributor was years ago. It turned out he had mostly old stuff, and he was overcharging 2-3 times on the original price. Since then I turned to ordering online.

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