Rules and Joe Rogan’s forum

Forums usually have pretty much the same rules – no bad language, no pornography, no rasism, etc. Well, I’ve just registered on the forum of Joe Rogan’s web site (the guy who is hosting “Fear Factor” on NBC) and the rules there are a bit different. Here is a copy-paste for you to enjoy:


The posters here, especially the long time veterans have administered a rule that you must post porn within your first 10 posts or be ignored.

What the newbie porn rule DOES do is weed out Christians, those who would be offended by pornography, squares, and feminists..

In one fell swoop of posting it provides the proof that you are neither one of these things, and it makes it a little more pleasant for the rest of the members by giving us something nice to look at.

It also sets the tone that this is not a place where anything should be taken too seriously, and even though it certainly does reinforce an internet geek stereotype, I don’t really have a problem with that.

I feel the positive aspects of pornography far outweigh the negative stereotype that is reinforced.

In closing, I feel it’s an excellent rule, ….You have 10 posts to post porn or be ignored.

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