Zebra day. Frist news were good. Hazard got some email from Fedex about the package heading his way. Since he was not expecting any package, most probably that is my Digital Rebel on the radars. Almost a month later, maybe I’ll get it before my birthday in April. :) Tracking number helps close-watching it.

Then some bad stuff happened and I had to perform few restores. Not my fault. Surpsingly, a 7GByte Postgresql database was restored from a simple file system level backup. World is a nice place to live in sometimes.

Since our catering program stopped, we had to do something about a lunch. Ended up in Yugoslavian restaurant with Hazard and Alexander Avanesov. Good food and a couple of beers, then back to work.

Most of the evening I’ve spent trying to install Bricolage CMS on my home Fedora Core 1 server. That failed misarably since mod_perl 2 is not supported. Especially on Apache 2. Especially if compiled as a module (needs DSO). Maybe I will install another instance of Apache with another instance of mod_perl. Somehow I am very bored with my current site and programming requires some of that time that I don’t want to spend on it. ;)

Quick overview of other CMS alternatives didn’t show up with anything as closely matching my wicked wishes as Bricolage. We’ll see… ;)

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