Today we woke up no earlier then 5:00pm. I immidiately went to change the spare from yesterday. It turned out that the tire couldn’t have been repaired and I needed a replacement. Guys at the garage gave me a reasonable second hand for 15 CYP. While I was waiting they were beering me with Leffe, feeding me with meat in pita, and appologizing for yesterday’s mobile failure. I don’t think I will use any other garage ever for my wheels. :)

After the repair I met with Hazard, picked up Olga and Lev, and we went for a delicios meal in “El Gusto” Italian restaurant. While mussles were not as good as they were last time, meat was excellent. But I what totally knocked me off, were the desserts. Actually, I don’t remeber that I had such a good impression just from the desserts. Hazard ordered El Gusto ice cream, which was most beautifully made, but was less then superior in taste. Tiramisu and El Gust special dessert were speechless. Bravo.

A quick old Russian comedy show “Maski” at Hazard and a bottle of red wine kind of finished the evening.

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