Trip to Trodos

Saturday – the adventure day. Today we went to mountains to see Troditissia monastery and have a meal at Fini tavern. Mountains met us with a heavy snowfall. Flakes were so huge that everyone demanded that we stop and photograph them. :)
The road to the monastery was slippery and dangerous due to a deadly mix of bad tarmac, mud, gravel, water, and snow. Max speed was like 20 km/h. :)
The monastery looked nice on the outside, but tourists (read: we) were not allowed inside. Maybe it’s just a wrong season. Whatever…
Fini tavern and steak “Shato Brean” was excellent as usual. :) Wine was also good. Short walk around Fini village after the meal and a failed attempt to find a trail to Handara waterfalls.
On the way back to Limassol we stopped at Kouris dam. Loads of water! Actually we saw a small church standing in the middle of the water. That’s a real photo opportunity that I tried to exploit as much as I could. The results are here.
In the evening, I went to housewarming party at Alex Yudichev’s place. Lots of people, beer, and talks. Nice time overall. :)

Vladimir’s Final Year Project

Final Year ProjectEvent of the year – Hazard is presenting his final year project. The topic is rather original: “Self-Learning Proxy ARP+IP Routing as a Technology for Bridging Through Wireless Networks”.

Presentation went very fast and smooth, but demonstration was a bit problematic. Due to some strange error nothing worked. About 15 minute troubleshooting session fixed everything and demo was shown to everyone interested. I’ve been taking lots of pictures during this troubleshooting and ended up with a lot of similar images. I’ll have something to play with in GIMP. :)

Russian restaurant for lunch to celebrate an ‘A’ for FYP, then back to work. :)


Trip around the Larnaca area. First we went to Lefkara and it’s suburbs. Then down to Kato Drys, driving to Agios Minas, which is an excellent monastery that should be revisited in sunny weather for photo opportunities. This time around it was too wet, rainy, and windy to walk around. Average temperature was +5C, sometimes dropping to +3C. Freezing. :)

Trip ended with Barbeque at Svetka and Yannis place. Lots of nice food, drinks and fun. More pictures.

Now, the message to all those who expect posting of pictures from my new Digital Rebel – don’t. :) I am a newbie to start with, and the camera needs some getting used to. There are few good ones, but they are not enough to start an album. I am still trying to figure an easy way to post single images attached to blog, so stay tuned. :)


Olga, Lev, and I decided to go for an adventure and test the camera as well. A trip to Omodhos village. We arrived with darkness, which was a bit disappointing, since there are few cool places to see during the daylight. We’ll have to repeat it, I guess.

Not so many pictures were good too, since I am a total newbie. But there were a couple that I like. I’ll need also another Compact Flash card, since 256 megabytes is enough for roughly 70 pictures (full size, full quality JPEG). That’s something I am not used to. :)