Olga is in the Intense Therapy Unit

Today, Olga feels worse. Apparently, it looks like the clod from the duct cut went off, resulting in internal bleeding. In the evening, the bleeding was considered as severe and doctor said that most probably Olga will need an urgent operation to in order to stop the bleeding. Luckily, we managed to find a gastrologist who did the stone removal in Nicosia two days ago and he suggested to try ECRP and the injection of adrenaline in order to stop the bleeding. Our doctor said that there is a slight chance that it might work, but he doubts that anything could have been seen due to a lot of blood.

About 12:30am the doc came out of the operating theatre and said that they succeded with the injection and that they monitored it for 30 minutes and hopefully everything should be fine now. Olga was placed into the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) for better monitoring.

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