New fridge arrived. No pictures yet. :)

Trip to the mountains in hope of finding and visiting Gabriella’s Check restaurant. We found it, but unfortunately it was closed and we were hungry enough to wait until it would open in about 4 hours. Fast trip to Kakopetria village for the Old Mill restaurant. Everyone enjoyed it. I did less of all, I suppose. I defaulted to eating pork chop which was way overdone, dry, and crispy.

Hazard had to depart from our company due to some unknown business of his own. We, though, continued the day with shopping, staffing the new fridge, defrosting the old one. Lots of beer, whisky, and talking.

Then we decided to watch “A Beautiful Mind“. The greates dissapointment came when we found out that the DivX we had was only one out of two. The guy who did the ripping didn’t noticed it and put no marking upon it. So, not to get completely depressed, we signed it off as watching a long trailer. :) I’ll rent the DVDs tomorrow and we’ll watch the whole thing. It’s worth it. Olga and me have seen it in the movie long time ago.

A somewhat interesting discussion of Japanese and Chinese cultures followed which culminated by watching Jet Li’s Tai ji zhang san feng” (aka “The Tai-Chi Master”). Olga couldn’t stand the idea, so she went to bed. Lev and me though enjoyed the movie, which was way better then we expected. Actually, we didn’t mean to see the whole thing, but rather a five minute fight or something. :)

Gave Lev a lift home, picked up a hot dog on the way and went to bed. Holidays are over. :)

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