Skipping work

Entertainment day. Since my stomach went totally crazy from the early morning, I had to skip work. Lots and lots of reading in the small, white, stinky room. Then, I felt a bit better so I could use some computers. Working remotely is fun. Especially if you have some music shouting in your ears to mute the boiling noises from the stomach. Updated my MP3 (and now partially OGG) collection with lots of new staff freshly ripped by Hazard: Evereve, Evanescene, Battlelore, Jean Michel Jarre, Tenacious D, Tiamat, Boney Nem, and something else I don’t remember. I’ve also configured a small script to generate full directory listings every week, so that diffs could be done – I might need that later on. :)

Closer to evening, I felt good enough for a short short short trip out of the house. DVD rentals this time (the ones which are close to the Pharmacy). I’ve picked up “Dungeons & Dragons“, which we somehow missed in the cinema and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider“, which we also missed, but wanted to see. Croft’s sequel is coming soon, so we should be prepared. :)

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