Spending the day

That’s beach day again. I’ve spent some time in the morning annotating Hazard’s pictures, but didn’t manage to release them to the general public. :)

Beach place this Saturday was Kourium, near by the colliseum. Lots of ways, top-less babes, sandy wind, sun, and some beer. Nice time. No pictures though. I’m like fed up of shooting the same place for the 10th time. Anyway, you get the feeling. :)

After the beach, we went to Hazard’s place to have some very, by now, well known mussles. With Lev this time. In order to have proper time to enjoy those mussles we decided to have some Pizza Hut before. Anyway, the process of cooking mussles was very similar to the last time and interested ones can look it up in the photo gallery. ;) The result was excellent again, although not as good as the last time. Still, close to perfection. :)

Since beach and mussles are not enough to stop energizer bunnies like we are, we continued with nargile at Lev’s place. And watermelon. And more nargile. That seemed to be ending the day…

…but the way home was through a well known hot doggy place, so we couldn’t resist the tempation and got ourselves a nice and testy hot dog each with ketchup, mustard, and fresh onion. Paired with coke makes a good meal on the beach at 2 o’clock in the morning. Now, real trip home and hopefully end of the day. :)

By the way, I’ve managed to release the pictures from Hazard’s computer, while he was cooking. So, enjoy three new annotated albums (Sea, Akamas, and Mussles).

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