Ripley’s Game

Planned trip to Ladas fish tavern with Olga to celebrate the day. Excellent food, excellent time.

Some time killing around the city until we met Hazard and went to the movie to see the “Ripley’s Game” which was excellent. That was a rare luck for an excellent movie – original, funny, with action and acting, with soundtrack, and lots of nice , thought-through details. John Malkovich was excellent. Lots of quotes will make me remember the movie for a long time. A couple of favourite moments:

  • When they were closing the house and checking all doors and windows and Jonathan ask if Tom Ripley was scared and Tom goes like: “No…[long pause, while checking some more locks]…I am fucking terrified!” ;)
  • And another one, when they were persuading the guy to call his boss and tell him some bullshit, Malkovich says with an extremely calm face and intonation: “If you will do it, you will walk away, AND we will give you half a million dollars. If you will not do it, I will run my truck over your head for the rest of the day.” :)

Anyway, what can be better then a couple of Warsteiner pints in Chesters after an excellent film? :)

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