Random bits

First of all, it’s my first wedding anniversary today! Wow, that was one fast year! I’ll take Olga out today to celebrate…

Finally, I can do something for Lev to payback all my troubling of his desire not to touch another piece of computer hardware for the rest of his life – his mother and her friend were leaving today, so I got a chance to give them a lift to the airport. :)

When I came back from the airport I jumped on to the restore thingy for my home server, since absense of Internet connectivity and fresh supply of email for more then two days can drive me crazy. Work stopped compensating it yesterday. So, if I decide that I will do something – I do it, and here is the machine up and running with everything working properly as it was before the upgrade. The only thing missing is my MP3s, since that requires a lot of disk space rearranging, but it will get there eventually.

Once again I want to specially thank Lev Chouvalov for his endless support during the upgrade process.

Off to have some rest now…

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