The Hunted

The HuntedI went to see “The Hunted” with Tommy Lee Jones who played Agent K in “Men in Black” and Benicio Del Toro who is also known as Franky Four Fingers in “Snatch.“.

Overall the movies was not bad. Actually, I would even say that it was a good one. Two things did a little spoil on it though. First one was a break for coke and chips at the worst possible moment (when Aaron Hallam was cought and was talking about 6 million chicken dieing each year). And another one was closer to the end of the movie, when both Aaron and L.T.Bonham were making knives of stone and of metal. That was too much. On the other hand, considering that both were highly trained pro’s and that they could have used something else for the weapon, the audience would probably not understand anything (like you and this very long sentance).

Anyway. The whole movie was nice. It reminded me of “First Blood” (aka Rambo) sometimes. Knive fights were excellent. Especially the last one – fast, quiet, bloody, and to the point. The jungle/forest setup was nice too. Kind of miss proper forest being in this country…

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