Random bits

Missed me? Wondering what I’ve been up to? Ok.

Lots of things. First and most common is migration of this site to Embperl. It started and finished and you cannot even notice a thing! Cause it’s all the same (almost). Only with microscope, Google‘s cache and GNU diff you will notice the differences.

I am very enthusiastic about learning (and relearning) Perl once again. This time I am serious. You can see the confirmation on my node at Perl Monks. I am way up to level 3 (acolyte). Way to go!

Happy coming Easter for all those who celebrate! There are plenty of holidays around for reading and beer consumption. According to my schedule, next couple of weeks promise to be a great deal of fun, including parties, birthdays, books, and projects. Too much for one entry? Ok, I’ll stop. Now that diary submission is working again, I’ll keep you updated.

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