Freaky tornado came over and ruined a good part of our office’s neighborhood. Four of five twisters were going around our office building destroying shops and offices, blowing off roofs, breaking glass, and the like. Luckily we were not damaged at all. Luckily no deaths. About 30 people with light injuries.

Random bits

Lots of during the first half of the day. Tested out most of the cool scripts and plugins. Checked out few colorscemes. In general, colors, IMHO, are better from the default installation, but perl compiler settings, calendar plugin, man and info plugins, ‘complete’ion options with the proper dictionary, and few other things came very handy.

Lots of meetings during the second half of the day and it seems that I will get a better set of working hours (finally!).

Chesters bar with few old-time friends, lots of beer and buffalo wings… Few tequillas to close the mess. :) Not a bad day at all.


Testing out the LVM (Logical Volume Management) on Linux (using Red Hat Linux 8.0). Installed and configured as a charm in less then 30 minutes. Not bad for the first try. We’ll see how that 240 GBytes disk (made of two 120 GBytes) will perform.