Kreator – Coma Of Souls

Today at the office, over the morning coffee, I somehow remembered that I had a few of those really horrible, scary t-shirts when I was a teenager.  (I still have plenty of black t-shirts, but the subject changed from music to geek humor.)  It took me a while to remember the name of the band for at least one of them – Kreator.  The t-shirt that I had was with the cover image from the “Coma of souls” album.  Here it is (mine was all black though, without red squares).

And this post wouldn’t be complete without a music sample.  It does show a bit of age, but, I think, it’s still quite listenable.


Size does matter

There are plenty of excellent t-shirts around, but once in a while a brilliant one comes up, which makes all the differences.  Here is one at ThinkGeek.comnanotechnology is huge !

nanotechnology is huge

The moment I saw that phrase appearing in my Google Reader (here is some info about ThinkGeek feeds), I wanted to buy this t-shirt.  Even before I saw the actual t-shirt.  Even despite my total ignorance of nanotechnology.  It’s just so hilarious and true and makes so much sense at the same time!

T-shirt observation

It came to me that geek t-shirts aren’t very well suited for gyms and other places crowded with strong people. Geek t-shirts tend to be a little offensive and aggressive. Here are a few examples:

It’s good to know that sports-ware manufacturers realize this problem. That’s why they make t-shirts with just their brand labels – “Nike”, “Adidas”, “Reebok”, etc.  These aren’t even real words…