How to Age Gracefully

Found this video in Jason Kottke’s blog:

Good advice all around.  The best one is from the 93 year old:

Don’t listen to other people’s advice.  Nobody knows what the hell they are doing.

Which I’ve heard before in Joe Rogan’s stand up comedy:

You know as much about what life is all about as anybody who’s ever lived ever.

Joe Rogan talks to Chris Hadfield about life, the Universe, and everything

Chris Hadfield, the retired Commander of the International Space Station, is interviewed by Joe Rogan, who questions everything, in this video podcast.  They talk about all kinds of things – space, science, technology, environment, social matters, etc.  It’s an hour long, but it’s worth every minute of it.


It’s fascinating in a variety of ways.  I particularly enjoyed the bits about stars and light pollution, humans living on a tiny crust, and his feelings during the flight up and coming back down.  As a side note, I couldn’t not notice how clean his language is and how well he expresses himself, and how educated he is in a variety of areas.  Joe Rogan is by far not an idiot, and yet, the contrast is still there.

The real America

Joe Rogan has an entertaining description of the real America – experiences he had while on a road trip for a new season of “Fear Factor“.

Like a stretch of West Virginia we went through, where every other building is a church or a strip club.

And I’m BARELY exaggerating here. I’m talking 4 or 5 strip clubs and 3 or 4 churches in a 2-mile area, and not much else. I guess the theme there is just keep ‘em on their knees, no matter how you go about it.

There were 20 people, 10 of them were wearing camouflage, 6 of them had NASCAR t-shirts on, and none of them had a full set of teeth.