LDAP confusion

More reading about LDAP, directory services and the like. While everything is so beautiful according to all documentation, noone cares to actually explain some concepts. We do have OpenLDAP up and running for simple things like global addressbook. Now, how do I give different people different access on different machines? Sudo is good. Sudo is working. But I do have a problem figuring out how to give person A access to host A with ssh, and person B access to host B with ssh and ftp. Whatever I do ends up either in the land of perl scripts or in the land of LDAP aliases, which don’t work with all the versions of both LDAP and Berkley DB.

Unicode in Linux

Installed RT bugraq/ticketing system for our developers. Seems to work as good as it does for our support team.

Another step to the victory with Unicode support in both X and console. Today I’ve managed to fix the pseudographics (think mc) in console. It looks much better now. Even displays russian characters in mutt. Does not let me input them yet, though. Most updated /etc/sysconfig/i18n looks like this now: