Office workstation debugged

The problem I’ve had for a week with my workstation at work was properly troubleshooted today. It turned out that it was exactly as I suggested from the very beginning. The problem was with CPU fan. And no, it was working. It’s just that the plastic lock that was keeping the fan glued to CPU broke for some strange reason. Now, I am waiting for the replacement, therefor my email response might be a little slower then usual. Stay with me.

Tears of the Sun

Tears of the SunWent to see “Tears of the Sun” in the evening. It was roughly what I expected it to be. Not too bad, but not too good. Just another Bruce Willis movie. This time though, he is tired of saving USA and he moves down to Nigeria. And, finally, those American soldiers start to realize that rushing into the middle of battlefield to pick up your dead friends’ body, just to bring it back home, is very stupid to say the least. Not all of them realized it yet, but they are on the right track.