Olga, Lev, and I decided to go for an adventure and test the camera as well. A trip to Omodhos village. We arrived with darkness, which was a bit disappointing, since there are few cool places to see during the daylight. We’ll have to repeat it, I guess.

Not so many pictures were good too, since I am a total newbie. But there were a couple that I like. I’ll need also another Compact Flash card, since 256 megabytes is enough for roughly 70 pictures (full size, full quality JPEG). That’s something I am not used to. :)


Some weather we had today! Stormy winds, rain, thunderstorms… Few trees were torn apart, windows broken, and general havoc… Rivers of water coming down into the sea, bringing all mud and dirt from the city. Forecasters say it might continue until Sunday. Very pleasent indeed. :)

In the other news – I’ve published pending photos from Lofou village trip and my walk in the rain. There are few pictures that are still missing (Svetka’s birthday, for example), but there is nothing interesting in particular.


Zebra day. Frist news were good. Hazard got some email from Fedex about the package heading his way. Since he was not expecting any package, most probably that is my Digital Rebel on the radars. Almost a month later, maybe I’ll get it before my birthday in April. :) Tracking number helps close-watching it.

Then some bad stuff happened and I had to perform few restores. Not my fault. Surpsingly, a 7GByte Postgresql database was restored from a simple file system level backup. World is a nice place to live in sometimes.

Since our catering program stopped, we had to do something about a lunch. Ended up in Yugoslavian restaurant with Hazard and Alexander Avanesov. Good food and a couple of beers, then back to work.

Most of the evening I’ve spent trying to install Bricolage CMS on my home Fedora Core 1 server. That failed misarably since mod_perl 2 is not supported. Especially on Apache 2. Especially if compiled as a module (needs DSO). Maybe I will install another instance of Apache with another instance of mod_perl. Somehow I am very bored with my current site and programming requires some of that time that I don’t want to spend on it. ;)

Quick overview of other CMS alternatives didn’t show up with anything as closely matching my wicked wishes as Bricolage. We’ll see… ;)


Really heavy day in the office. Few strange things happened. First of all, one of the new HP Proliants that we have was playing magic tricks on the file system. My hair almost went gray. Server was discovering partitions after I was removing them and loosing them after it confirmed a successfull creation. Strangy…

Later another machine started to corrupt the filesystem every 2 hours or so. Roll back to the old hardware fixed the problem, but I’ll have to find a way to use the better box.

All this problems were painting the end of week in dark colors, so I decided to go visit my old friend Slawka. We had a lot of food, vodka, and music played in the kitchen. Live music that is. And there were all instruments except the drum and piano. ;) Very nice.


First day of work started with a bunch of people literally tearing me apart…and all that while I was catching up on those 10 thousand emails. Very productive day never-the-less.

Trip to Larnaca in the evening to Svetka, since it’s her birthday party. :) Few beers and pizzas… Again, I’ve tried to shoot some pictures, but mostly got nothing. Low light and lots of moving people and one crazy dog don’t help a photonewbie. :) Flash is way too disturbing, so I didn’t use it at all.