Subversion and file permissions

I’ve been assigned to a new project at work today. It was decided to use Subversion for version control. I haven’t used Subversion before, though I’ve read a lot about it.

Few minutes into it, I’ve got my first question: “How can I make Subversion store file permissions and ownership?”. Googling for two seconds didn’t turn out any results, so I went straight to Subversion’s IRC channel (#svn @ Here’s the answer that I got:

Subversion does not version permissions. There exist 2 wrapper scripts which you can use instead of “svn” for commit, checkout, update, etc., and store permissions in properties. They are: asvn and svn+perms. Last but not least there is a patch which adds the functionality into the svn core.

(I edited it a bit for the better linking).

Also, I’ve also been pointed to this blog.