Telling people to leave finance

Telling people to leave finance

First, I want to say it’s frustrating how risk-averse the culture in finance is. I know, it’s strange to hear that, but compared to working in a start-up, I found the culture and people in finance to be way more risk-averse in the sense of personal risk, not in the sense of “putting other people’s money at risk”.

People in start-ups are optimistic about the future, ready for the big pay-out that may never come, whereas the people in finance are ready for the world to melt down and are trying to collect enough food before it happens. I don’t know which is more accurate but it’s definitely more fun to be around optimists. Young people get old quickly in finance.

Spending the last few years in a variety of forex companies, I have to agree.

Saxo Bank opens an office in Cyprus

Saxo Bank is a well known name for anyone who’s associated with Forex.  Today I was driving to the Limassol Income Tax Office, past the new KPMG building, when I noticed the new sign of Saxo Bank on the second floor of that building.  I was a bit surprised.  Sure, I’ve heard the rumors that it was coming, but nothing more.  I don’t follow Forex news too much, but I’m sure I would have heard of it.

A few hours later, during the lunch break at the office, while catching up with the news, I noticed the announcement in Cyprus Mail.

SAXO Bank, the specialist in online trading and investing, yesterday announced the opening of its new office in Cyprus which will provide Cypriot investors access to international financial markets.

The office – the Danish bank’s 22nd — is located in Limassol and will serve as a regional business centre covering the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.

I think now we can officially call Limassol – the capital of the Forex industry.

Coincidence in e-Forex magazine


The company I work for – FXCC – has recently advertised in e-Forex magazine. We just received a few copies of the magazine with our ad in it. I was surprised to see that our full page ad coincided with an article about one of my previous employers – FxPro. The article is featuring a picture of George Xydas – one of my former bosses.

All of a sudden this whole Forex industry felt really really small.