Carlton Draught – The Big Ad

I don’t care that much for television. Even less I care for advertisements. And even les than that I care about advertisement on television. You can easily say that I don’t care about them at all.

But that didn’t stop me from seeing one of the funniest things that I’ve seen on TV ever – The Big Ad for Carlton Draught (It doesn’t look that as good in the tiny window as it does on a large TV screen, but at least you’ll have an idea of what I am talking about here.). That was something!

It turns out I am by far not alone. A lot of people enjoyed it. There is even a Wikipedia page for it.

(singing)It’s a big add. Expensive ad! …

FedEx sucks again

I had yet another negative experience with FedEx today.

I need to sand a small package with 6 beer glasses to Moscow, Russia. I wanted them to be delivered fast and for delivery to be paid by the recepient. I wasn’t sure that FedEx could provide me with the service so I passed by their office a couple of days ago and asked if they could do it.

After I spent about 20 minutes explaining to the clerk what it was exactly that I wanted, she told me that there shouldn’t be any problem. The only thing she wasn’t sure was the taxes that Russian customs office would ask to pay. I said that those shouldn’t be much as the package itself is a gift and has a very low value of about 15 CYP.

I also asked if FedEx could provide me with any form of packaging as I wasn’t sure that I could pack the glass appropriately myself. FedEx doesn’t do packaging, which looked a bit stupid to me, but who am I to judge.

I found the proper packaing myself and came with the box today expecting it to be sent. There was a different clerk in the office this time. I explained again what I wanted. 10 minutes later she confirmed with the headquarters that fragile items in general and glass in particular are not accepted by FedEx.

I stood there for three minutes with the WTF expression on my face and then left. Shocked. Was it so difficult to tell it to me the first time? I mean, I made myself clear at all times that I am about to send some fragile items. What are they thinking over there? And why not take it? What is so different with fragile items? All you have to do to deliver them properly is to not throw them hard on the floor. Putting fragile packages on top of the baggage heap is not even as important.

I don’t know… This doesn’t feel right…

Daily bookmarks

I’m going in circles – computers, photography, Cyprus, computers, photography, Cyprus… I seem to enjoy this so far. Do you?

Photography comes out on top today. If you’re looking for the beauty – that’s the place to start.

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Kingfisher lager is the first Indian beer that I tried. I bought a small bottle in the All About Beer shop during my taste-all-those-bottles crusade. It turned out to be a good quality average tasting beer much like many others.

So far I get the most satisfaction from German and British beers. Belgian come next. All the rest follow. But I haven’t tried all of them yet.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-08-09_POTD

Limassol Beer Festival next week

Limassol Beer Festival is going to be held in Limassol again (third time if I am not mistaken) next weekend (July 29-31, 2005). Posters are hanging all over the city. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt that the program will be any different from the previoius years – lots of expensive beer and pop music. It’s not one of those events that I would choose to attend, but in case you enjoy these sort of things, here is your chance.

All About Beer

Ok, guys, you gonna love this! I have totally accidentally found the first BEER SHOP in Cyprus! Not only that – it is in Limassol too! Is there still anyone out there who thinks that Limassol is not totally the best city in Cyprus? I guess not…

Anyway, the shop is totally cool. I am writing this post in hope that they will have enough business to stay alive for years to come. There is a great variety of beers in the shop. And I mean a really great variety. They have cans, bottles, and drafts from Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Holland, UK, India, and some other countries. I couldn’t count all the brands and kinds of beer that they have, but I am sure they offer well over 40 products.

Additionally, you can buy anything related to beer – glasses, pints, mugs, and tankarts. Nuts and other finger food. Accessories. Gift packages. I can’teven name everything they have.

While in the shop, you can ask for assistance from the two guys who work there (and look like they own the place). There is also a printed guide into different kinds of beer that they have. Business cards and printed bookmarklet can be taken out too.

The shop has opened about one and a half month ago, so they didn’t manage to create a website just yet. But they booked the domain already (at least it’s printed on the business cards) –

Here is all the information from the business card (I don’t have a scanner):

All About Beer
Sissifou & Ammochostou Str.
3075 Limassol – Cyprus
Tel. 25732007
Fax. 25732008
e-mail: info (at)

Finding the shop is very easy. It is next to Ermes Appolo (ex-Woolworth). If you will turn towards Ermes from the Makariou III Avenue and look to your left across the Ermes parking, you will see the All About Beer shop on the parallel street (perpendicular to Makariou III avenue, next to Ermes parking space). Give them a call if you get lost, but it is really easy to find.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to enjoy a bottle of Kwak…