Random bits

While studing the subject of migration from Microsoft to Linux, I came accross nice description of how to set up authentification of Linux box in NT domain.

I also changed all links on this page in such a way that printed version is readable and actually usefull :)

I have installed bash programmable completion. While it is a littl bit noisy about me not having bash of exactly the version it needs, I still get a lot of satisfaction. My TAB hit/miss ratio has grown incredeably, since I was pushing TAB key for most of the times I use it now anyway (huh? :) ).

Officially, from today I am using Mozilla instead of Opera. Opera is fine browser and it suits all my needs, but it is not an open source software, which I wish it very much to be. Idiology…

New mutt packages, Quake III, and book order

I have put online new mutt rpms and configs with S/MIME support and LDAP address book configuration. No NNTP and compressed mailboxes support this time. Outlook appointments converter to ical calendar is available though.

After long tweaking and changing all possible and impossible settings I actually managed to fix my Quake 3 and now I get up to 140 frames per second. Thanks to [bofh]-mokh and [FC]-Pekker for their help.

I have also decided that it is time refresh my home library. I have ordered several books from O’Reilly. This time I tried not to limit myself with one topic and asked for books on everything :) (vi, cvs, php+mysql web programming, exim, perl for system administration, etc). Waiting is painful!