Weekly digest – 2012-06-24

Explosive Photoshoot – Behind the scenes

If you think that the only thing that separates you from professional photographer is  a more expensive camera, watch this 2-minute video.


That’s a team of at least 3 people – photographer, model, and a make-up artist (not counting the person making the video).  It’s not just a a single shot, but multiple takes, even with all the post-production editing.  It’s not just a cool idea, but hours and hours of work.  And that’s not even counting all the effort that went into the learning curve.  But, when you factor all that in and add a little luck, what you get is this.

Great work, Marios!


Lada, also known as Zhiguli, is brand of a car from my home city – Togliatti, Russia.  While it’s somewhat known around the world, I was still surprised to find it as a theme to a Flickr blog post.  After all, Lada cars were never known for the beauty of their shapes or lines.

Interestingly, Flickr blog post talks about the end of production for Lada 2107, but none of the images in that post are of that model.  Flickr crew is not to blame though.  There are so many models of Lada cars in existence, and they look so similar, that not even every Russian will be able to tell which is which.  And on top of that, the blog post links to a pool of Lada car images, where pretty much every model is presented.

Weekly digest – 2012-06-17

  • Fingersports skateboard #skateboards #sports http://t.co/CRm7cZV2 #
  • This is seriously hilarious http://t.co/J6UwPo7K #
  • New note : Automatic web login script for Deutsche Telekom Hotspots http://t.co/S9dnd4uB #
  • Wishful thinking + masturbation = wishful masturbation. But that's redundant, I guess, since every masturbation is wishful. #
  • All our office discussions seem to be like a very complex flowchart with every path eventually leading to "That's what she said!" node. #
  • One day jQuery will cure cancer. In two lines. And one line will be with settings to control if you want it to just disappear or fade away. #
  • I just used the phrase "cultural pluralism" as part of my commit message. And it made sense. #
  • GOAL!!!!!!!! #
  • Apparently, Gaylord is a real name. Quite popular too. http://t.co/1UobC49y #
  • The Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas of the Cats http://t.co/iFZoAglS #
  • A glass of water #earlybird #drinks #water http://t.co/oUxe4srD #
  • New note : phpQuery – server-side, chainable, CSS3 selector driven DOM API based on jQuery JavaScript Library. http://t.co/1j8SIiZH #
  • @marios Happy birthday, mate. :) #
  • @vsemenova Если бы я жил в удалённой горной деревушке, через которую шляются всякие проходимцы, то я, наверное, тоже бы так думал. :) #
  • I wish I could have version control for my dreams. git clone hot-neighbor-dream; git branch alt-ending; git checkout alt-ending … #
  • #VaginaMovieLines "I love the smell of 'gina in the morning. It smells like… victory!" #
  • Homa made apple pie with ice cream #earlybird #food http://t.co/EnBcUUxC #
  • Double espresso #brannan #coffee http://t.co/A3HXj0Gh #
  • After coffee pint #valencia #beer #uefa #football http://t.co/fyuS7feJ #
  • Sexiest video game characters? Z. With S and M following nearby. L and P are the unsexiest ever, I think. :) #
  • Tiny forex trading bull #lofi #work #forex #bull http://t.co/N1sj1Nxk #
  • This is a test tweet. I will embed it into my next blog post. Because I've just upgraded to #WordPress 3.4. #
  • Upgraded to WordPress 3.4 http://t.co/dq8Pasfp #
  • Skype 4.0 for Linux – a present or not? http://t.co/QeKwHqGl #
  • Drinks #kelvin #drinks #vodka #zivania http://t.co/ghNAUwJe #
  • @BlogCyEu thanks! #
  • @mattcutts That's funny. But I'd never stop doing things that make my wife smile or even laugh. :-) #
  • Ham and cheese sandwich #sierra #food #sandwich http://t.co/Yv2ljbTg #
  • Traffic jam on highway, Chesters exit. #limassol #