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Wall Street

Its not often that I get a chance to watch the movie these days, so I am really careful with my selections. Today I’ve got a moment, so I watched something that I should have watched a long time ago – “Wall Street“. 1987 classics that deserves to be on all those top lists.

IMDB rating: 7.2
My rating: 8.0
Celebrity highlights: directed and partially written by Oliver Stone; excellent acting on behalf of Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, and Michael Douglas.

Wall Street” is something I’ve been hearing a lot. I made it my goal to see this movie after it was heavily referrenced in “Boiler Room“. One of the offsetting factors was the presense of Michael Douglas, who I usually try to avoid. But him alone wasn’t enough to stop me from filling the gaps in my movie education.

Let me tell you straight away – the film is great. The story is more or less transparent, but one has to remember that the film is from 1987, when movies were a total other story. Having all the transparency doesn’t spoil the film one bit. It has all the drama and suspence one could expect from Oliver Stone.

There was plenty of all great acting too. I don’t generally like Michael Douglas, but I have to say that he was excellent in this film. Sheen family worked amazing too. Ironically, being a father and son in the real life, they played a father and son in the movie.

One of the things I liked about the film was the attention to details. The setups were extremely nicely done to delivery the atmosphere of stock exchange market and the starting age of information technology. I did experience a strong feeling of nostalgy several times during the course of the film.

It made me browse on sites like afterwards, I was so inspired after watching it. Stock exchanges are fascinating and everyone should know how they affect our lives.

Yet another strong side of the movie is the moral. This is something

Oliver Stone is well known for and this film is no exception. The form in which he suggests ideas changes. He can either provide the idea within the scene or spelled in clear text. Very nice.

Overall this film delivers great entertainment as well as spins a few thoughts, thus I strongly recommend that you see it if you missed it like I did. Until now.

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