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Boiler Room

Just watched “Boiler Room” on DVD and I liked it. A lot.

When I think about it, there are not so many components for a great movie. Get an interesting story from one of those billions books in print. Than think of a nice way of telling the story, making sure that all main characters are described nicely. Spend some time on the relationships. I hear that having some anger and some romance helps a lot. Than find a couple of artists and/or photographers who can picture out some nice images involving the characters of the story and their surroundings. Maybe add some music to it. And that’s it. You are done.

Of course it is slightly more complicated than that with all the fuzz and details, but it is, in my opinion, a managable job. Making a great movie is like any other business. I wonder though why there are so few of them. Probably that is because there are so many lousy jobs in all other businesses.

Well, “Boiler Room” is one of those films which were done right. Everything fits in together very nice – interesting story, good character development, excellent acting spiced up by a few celebrities (Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Ron Rifkin, Ben Affleck and others), good photography and music. And as any great movie, it provides not only entertainment, but also few points to think about. Questions of family relationships, good and bad, trust, and racism are all nicely covered.

Rating this film as 9 out of 10 I feel the need to provide some feedback on why it wasn’t perfect. Minor issues indeed. It was kind of slow without the point at times and it left some loose ends to the story. Loose ends as in there were certain things that were given some time in the film, but which on the other hand led to nothing and weren’t properly explained. Other than that – a great film.

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