Friday – is a social day, so we picked Lev and Hazard and went to Pagoda Chinese restaurant for a really nice meal and wine. Then, back to our home for a nice pocker game. This time we didn’t have to use straws, but rather plastic coins which are specifically made for pocker (Christmas present from Yannis and Svetka).

After we’ve played for some time, something really unbelievable happend – Hazard got a pocker. It’s the first time anyone in our company got pocker. And we do play the game rather often for the last couple of years. ;) Hazard, of course, used all his mean character to get a good deal of cash on that. Plastic cash, though, which is good for us. :)

Another notable thing happend today. I was making all sorts of stupid pictures all day long. The only time I didn’t have the camera with me was when I drove Lev and Hazard back home. And guess what – there was a really spectacular car accident in the tourist area involving a Mercedes, pedestrian crossing and municipal Christmas decorations. Some really nice pictures were not taken. Pity. I cann’t beleive it.

Photos are coming soon, by the way. :)


Road trip. We went to Trodos mountains today (Lev, Olga, my brother Alex and his girlfriend, and myself, of course). Lots of snow (comparing to Christmas time last year), lots of people… I’ve made few nice pictures with Hazard’s camera.

For lunch we went to Founi tavern to have some Shato Brian stake made from Dutch beef by a French chief. Sounds nice, huh? :) Excellent piece of meat with a nice sauce. Next time we should take 2. :)

Pictures are coming shortly…