Beer and poker

Beer brewery with lots of beer and food in the evening. Luckily they had both lager and ale, but both were kind of watery. Most probably it was the first day they had them. We should wait for about a week before our next visit.

Finished the day at my place where we had a game of poker, although I would of preferred to play on I won totally and completely due to unbelievable luck. The last deal (Lev vs myself) I got Lev to declare “rest” and I head three jokers and one ace on my hand (that’s due to our special deck with 3 jokers). That was totally cool, but so much unbelievable!

Daily report

Since I was on the night shift until 6:00am, most of the day passed in dream. In the evening went to Lev to have some vodka with lots of tasty snacks – his mother just came from Russia with a friend of hers. After few shots we went to the brewery (yes, that brewery). Surprisingly, it was like another place. Loud and ugly music, lots of people…crowded. Also, all beer except pilsner was gone. So we had a pint and ran away.

Passed by the kiosk to get ourself a big bottle of Carlsberg each, couple of koupas and went up to the Agios Filaxeous to enjoy the view of the night-time Limassol. Accidentally, we managed to fall into a long discussion about classical Russian litreture. Lev’s mother is a school teacher for this subject, Lev read lots, but not a teacher, and myself read nothing and not a teacher. After three hours of talking we stayed at the same opinion each of us had before and went down to Limassol. I think now I know why I can talk to Lev for hours when we are both drunk – that’s his blood from the mother’s side.