Day in brief – 2011-11-30

Day in brief – 2011-11-29

  • @gmail I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants^H^Hneeds notes on conversations, and search by them. Ppl don't know how to use subjects. #
  • Sometimes I feel that half of my mailbox consists of empty emails with attachments and misleading subjects. Oh, and signatures… #
  • The Guard is a really nice movie, as long as you don't mind a little swearing and weird accents. Enjoyed it quite a bit #
  • If you are waiting in queue for a shop to open doors at midnight, there is something seriously wrong with you. #
  • @lufandever Править они будут совершенно независимо от того, пойдёшь ты или нет. Главное – не как голосуют, а как считают. #
  • @lufandever Если ты заранее знаешь, что это ничего не изменит и ни на что не повлияет, то зачем? #
  • @lufandever 1. Все люди не пойдут. 2. У ЕдРа покажут такой результат, какой ЕдРо одобрит. ЕдРо контролирует СМИ. #
  • @lufandever 3. Люди не задумаются. Людям вообще всё это пофих. Они не знают, и знать не хотят. #
  • @lufandever Про воду в чашу – согласен. Только выборы к этому не имеют никакого отношения. :) #
  • @lufandever Москва тут ничем собственно не отличается от регионов. Людей с деньгами или мозгами относительно столько же. То есть совсем мало #
  • @oliviawilde I'm watching you now in Aliens and Cowboys. The naughty alien just scratched you big time. I hope you don't die. :) #
  • @oliviawilde Nooooo!!!! #
  • @oliviawilde Yeeesssss!!! :) #
  • G+: Now that sounds mighty useful! #
  • Photo-photo-photoshop, before and after #
  • nadia_yacik: ну вот, теперь у меня есть бейджик #
  • I'm at Chester's (Amathountos, In SWEPCO Shopping Center, Parekklisia) #

Kang fo


Here is one of my proud parenting moments – Maxim’s exercise diary. While at school they do boring running, at home he lets his inner self to take control, and practice kang fo. Now, for those of you not versed in martial arts, kang fo is like kung fu, but more powerful, and with a tiny mix of robots’ and transformers’ fighting techniques.

Good news from

Through the years of hosting this blog as well as many other websites, I’ve received plenty of bad news from hosting companies. “We’ve been hacked”, “we lost your data”, “the company is shutting down”, “we are increasing the hosting fees for your plan”, and so on and so forth. In fact, now that I see an email from my hosting company I automatically assume that it’s bad news.

Gladly, my current hosting company – – is better than most that I had experiences with, and it’s working hard to change my perspective. Their efforts seem to be paying off. Here is an email from them I found in my mailbox this morning.

Dear Customer,

We have some good news regarding your OpenVZ VPS!

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be migrating all of our OpenVZ customers over to brand new, much higher specification servers.

There will be no changes to your account or your billing and the only downtime we anticipate should be for around 10 minutes while IP routes are updated to point to the new servers. Your IP address will not change.

Whilst every effort is taken on our part to keep things backed up, we recommend that you ensure you have adequate backups in place, prior to this planned migration.

We will be starting with hardware node vz1uk on Tuesday 29th November and working our way through to vz43uk. You will be able to check the node you are on, from your SolusVM control panel, we will also email you the night before we move your VPS over.

So to sum up:

  • No changes to billing
  • No changes to your account or IP address
  • Upgraded server hardware for no charge

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a support ticket at :

Kind Regards


Thank you guys, you are awesome!

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