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Lavrion – Corfu sailing: Day 1 – Preparations

So, today is the first day we get to play with sails. But…

The weather is tough. There’s some wind. But also a lot of heat. And we have a lot of things to do.

Good morning

We are about to travel with the owner of the boat, who has a lot of personal stuff on board. But on the way back, the boat will be in charter. So we need to spend a lot of time making sure that personal stuff is removed to storage, while charter stuff is brought on board.

Fish/hook time

Then, there were a bunch of modifications, improvements and repairs on the boat, and we need to make sure that everything works before we embark on the 500 mile trip.

So most of the morning was spent in communication and awaiting mode. But at some point we were good to go out into the sea to test the new sails and engine maintenance.

At sea, even if for a moment

Eventually, with the crew of just two people, we disembarked, fueled the boat, and briefly went out to sea. We opened both sails, tacked a couple of times, took the sails down and returned to the marina.

That was nice! Especially comparing to the dying wind and insane heat, while being docked. It did however gave us confidence for the rest of the trip.

Tell me you are in Greece without telling me you are in Greece

All the preparations are now done, including supplies shopping. Tomorrow we are heading to Poros, one of my top favorite Greek islands. And after that we will make our final decision – whether to go through Corinth canal, or sail around.

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