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Game of thrones life-size throne

While doing a bit of shopping over at (yeah, my t-shirts keep shrinking), I noticed something totally awesome – a full-size throne from the “Game of thrones” TV series.  Here is one of the pictures they have for the product.

As it is obvious from the other picture, the throne is not actually made of real swords, but it does look pretty impressive.  The price, however, makes it rather inaffordable for most people – $30,000.  There is an interesting bit of discussions in the comments to the product, where someone suggests that it might be cheaper to have one custom-made from real swords, and someone else doing a rough estimate, pointing to the cost of a real thing easily exceeding $300,000.

Even though I won’t be buying of these any time soon, I have to say I pretty impressed with the whole thing.

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