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WordPress + P2 = Company Intranet in 5 minutes

I’ve mentioned a few times already that I became a big fan of P2 theme for WordPress.  I currently maintain multiple installations of it, just because it is so easy to setup and start using.  I have it as company Intranet or as a project collaboration tool.  It’s like a blog, a wiki, and a chat room combined together.  And since I’ve installed it so many times, I thought I should publish what exactly I am doing, in case someone else will want to try it.

First, download and install the newest version of WordPress.  I usually create an intranet sub-domain (e.g.: and install WordPress into p2 folder, just in case I’ll need some other tools for the company or project later.  So the full URL becomes something like .

Secondly, setup an automatic redirect to the p2 folder.  I usually place index.php file into the document root of with the following content:

<?php header("Location: /p2/"); ?>

Thirdly, login to WordPress administration, navigate to Appearences->Themes->Add New and install P2 theme.  If you are not in a hurry, play around with theme options and customize it to your liking.  I usually set the site title (in Settings->General) to the company name or project title.  While you are in Settings, setup the user-friendly Permalinks.  I usually go for the “Day and name” option.

Now for the plugins.  All of my P2 installations are private.  I want only authorized access, period.  I also want to make it easy for the registered users to utilize the P2 front-page posting functionality, rather than get confused by the WordPress administration interface.  Here are the plugins are usually install:

We are almost done.  That’s configure the sidebar widgets now.  Of course, it all depends on what you’ll need and how you plan to use your site, but here is my starting point:

After I arrange those widgets, I usually do a few custom ones.  Here are the most common ones:

All you have to do now is add your intranet users.  Create them Users->Add New, set their access level to Author, and suggest to them to setup their Gravatar, so that everybody could see their picture next to their posts and comments.

That’s all. You are done.  Enjoy!

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