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Looking at this ugly apple, I remembered a joke someone told me recently about the three famous apples in the history of humanity – the one Eve gave to Adam, the one that fell on Isaac Newton, and the one on the logo of the Apple Computers Inc.  Actually, I don’t even remember the joke. I just remember the apples.

Thinking about them, they all must have been quite ugly.  After all, Eve had to promise to Adam that he will get laid if he bytes the fruit.  The other one that fell on the head of a genius must have been ugly by definition.  It also made Isaac think a lot.  If it was a nice looking apple, he would have just eaten it without much thought.  And the last apple sparked the creativity of Steve Jobs.  He must have seen an ugly apple and thought of it as a creative challenge.   A lot of people can take something ugly and make it better.  But how can you take something ugly and make it even uglier?  Steve Jobs took a byte of it. Simple, easy, yet genius as well.

The apple I have in front of me is ugly.  I’m blogging this for historical reasons.  After all there is a small chance that this apple will become the fourth famous apple in the history of the world…

And if that wasn’t enough, I had one more revelation.  If you look at this image in a certain way – with your side vision, and you’ll cover the top part of it – then this apple looks a lot like watermelon.  So there you go.  My ugly apple story ends here.

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