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Kingdom Rush

A couple of days ago I mentioned Kingdom Rush – an even more addictive version of the Desktop Tower Defense game.  Since someone sent me the link I’ve been nothing but a shadow, ignoring my family and wasting shameless amounts of time in the office.  Finally, I’m glad to report that I’ve finished the game and it’s now completely removed from my uncontrollable “to do” list.

If you missed my original mention of the game, or decided that you won’t figure it out because you never played Desktop Tower Defense, or were afraid that it would be too complicated for you to install – you have nothing to worry about.  The game is very simple (note the difference from easy).  You don’t need any prior experience in other games – instructions are sufficient and easy to follow.  And the game is done in Flash, which means it will run in pretty much any modern browser.  Except for the iPad probably.  Give it a try.  And then you can tell me where two days of your life went.

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