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My office window

The latest theme for Flickr blog is called “my office window“.  There are some nice photos, as always, but what’s more interesting is that it is quite an engaging subject.  Pretty much everyone who ever worked somewhere can participate, share photos, and discuss.

For me personally, the last few years weren’t very lucky in terms of a good office window view.  I currently work in the premises which are on a busy Omonia avenue, which runs between the new port of Limassol and the highway.  Not too much to see.  My previous office was even worse – it had no windows at all.  The office before that had some windows, but the view wasn’t any good.  And so and so forth.  But I don’t feel bad about that. Because for six years or so I had the best office window ever.  It was during my time in PrimeTel, where I had a sea view window. I especially enjoyed it when I was working night shifts.   I had to see a sun rise several times a week!  And also PrimeTel’s office being next to the new port of Limassol, there were always ships to provide some focus and highlight to the view, not just sun and water, which I guess would have become boring pretty soon.  Here is one of the many pictures I took during those mornings.

What about you guys?  What’s you office window like? Do you have one? What’s the view like?  What was the best (or worst) office window you ever head?  Got any pictures to see?

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