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Video games podcasts

I have to agree with on this one:

Podcasts are not very popular in Cyprus. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that there is no puplic transport to provide someone with a great opportunity to use any means possible to shut everything and everyone out while you are using it. Unfortunately this means missing out on some great videogame related podcasts out there.

All I can do from my side is to point to more video games podcasts.  I’ve mentioned earlier that Miro is the best application for watching online video that I ever came across.  Not only it makes downloading, watching, and organizing podcasts easy, but also it provides an excellent resource to find more content – Miro Guide.  You can browse most popular podcasts, newest ones, HD videos, and more.  As part of it, of course, you can browse by category.  For example, Video Games category lists a number of excellent shows, and Total Rad Show, which was recommend by OnThisIsland and of which I am a big fan, is also in that list.

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