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Will Apple acquire Intel?

CyberNet News report that Apple is in the acquisition talks with Intel.

Several sources are reporting this morning that Apple is in discussions with Intel to acquire the chip manufacturer for upwards of $12 billion. Over the last 22 years Apple has acquired 25 different companies, but this single transaction will likely beat the sum of all the others combined.

I find these news interesting, because I remember reading some speculations on Intel buying Apple just a few days ago.  On the other hand, there was a discussion on whether Apple should buy AMD a few years after that.  One way or the other, someone will buy someone.  And judging by how things go now and not five years ago, I guess Apple is in the better positions to buy.

As a side note, have a look at stock prices and market capitalization for Apple, Intel, and AMD.

P.S.: And one should not forget that it is the April 1st today, so everything is possible.

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