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Game addiction and young generation

Being a gamer myself and actually knowing something about the game world from the inside, I always found it funny when mass media talks about games from the evil point of view, especially when they throw the addiction bit in.  My position on this is that games are not drugs, games are not alcohol, games are not some other sort of chemical substance, so it is impossible to have physical addiction to games.  Yes, one can get used to games a lot psychologically, but the extent of this addiction is not even comparable to anything “real”, like smoking for example.

My opinion is based of course on my personal experiences and interactions with many other gamers.  They all are different people with varying level of “addiction” to games, but they are all sane people.

However, today I was enlightened.  And that reminded me of something else.  I used to listen to BFBS radio (British Forces Broadcasting System) a lot.  And I remember there was a period when they were discussing a problem they have in UK with pubs and early closing hours.  A lot of semi-drunk people are kicked out to the streets all at once and they don’t have anywhere else to go, but home.  I never thought of it as a big problem.  After all, how many pubs in the area can you have and how many people that could be.  I, of course, was thinking in terms of pubs we have in Cyprus, where the worst case scenario would be somewhere around 200 people.  Until I’ve heard the radio mentioning some pubs which host as many as 4,000 people.  Than I understood the problem properly.  Indeed, if you have a couple of pubs like that in the area and you kick all those people out at midnight, you’ll have a problem on the street with noise, crowds, and probably a few broken properties and a few wet walls.

In the same way I was today enlightened about the “game addiction” problem within younger generations.  How did that enlightenment come to me?  By means of this video (via The Next Web blog):


This opens a totally different perspective now, doesn’t it?

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