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WRC 2009 – FxPro Cyprus Rally : SS6

Fxpro Cyprus Rally Wilson

Yesterday I went to see WRC 2009 FxPro Cyprus Rally Special Stage 6.  It’s a 30 km long stage, which pass by the famous Kelefos Bridge.  Usually it’s packed with spectators, and once the stage was even cancelled because the proper safety level could not have been achived.   Instead of watching the rally at the Kelefos Bridge view point, we went to the Finish of the stage and walked down a few turns from there.  It was an asphalt road with a few patches of gravel.   Weather conditions weren’t the best from the spectators’ point of view – cold, windy, with occasional rain drops.  But that could not have stopped true rally fans.

As always, I made a few pictures and uploaded them to my Flickr photostream.

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