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Big things start small. Or so I’ve heard.

I used to have all my stuff on my home computer. I was my own hosting company, I managed my email, I stored my pictures, and so on. But in the last couple of years this changed a lot. I moved my domain management to Go Daddy. My email is handled by GMail. My bookmarks are all at All my photos are up at Flickr.

Now the time came for my web hosting. My home computer is not the best place for my websites no more. It crashes occasionally. It runs out of power. It has limited disk space. Its Internet connection is about to get downgraded. And so on and so forth.

I’ve decided to move all the websites – and there are quite a few – from my home server to a real hosting company. After scrolling through some threads at Web Hosting Talk forum, and listening to some recommendations, I picked EuroVPS hosting.

I have already migrated a few small and simple sites – Cyprus Scout, Filmocular, XA-XA-XA – and I have to say that I like how it all comes around. The websites that I’ve moved respond faster. And I feel better too. At least now I’ll have daily backups, and someone else will be responsible for them.

I also had a chance to test EuroVPS’ support team, and I am satisfied indeed. They are very kind, professional, fast responding, and flexible.

Anyway, in the next couple of days you might notice some minor glitches here and there. Please don’t panic – it’s the Great Migration going on. If you feel particularly confused though, please send me an email or contact me otherwise. I’ll try to keep disturbance to the minimum, but who knows what will happen…

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