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WRC Cyprus Rally : Closing ceremony : Check

WRC Cyprus Rally 2006 Finish

Olga, Maxim, and I attended the WRC Cyprus Rally 2006 Closing ceremony today. As always, there are dual feelings about Finish ceremony. On one hand, it is sad that the rally is over. Last three days passed a single moment, even though this year we managed to see only one stage. On the other hand is joy of seeing cars and teams once again, and having a chance of getting close to them.

Speaking of getting close, I didn’t manage to get close enough to the Finish podium to get pictures of awards and shampain. But. But, I got lucky on the parking lot which is right after finish. Drivers get out of their cars, chat, autograph, and do all sorts of other celebrity things. I am particularly glad because I got very close to Peter Solberg – my rally hero. I was so close, I could touch him. Instead, though, I put my huge lens right into his face and made a portrait so huge, his nose barely got into the frame.

You can see that shot and more in this album.

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