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About to explode

I am about to explode. And it has nothing to do with food. It’s rather information-related. So much is happening around me right now that I can barely take it. Changes are happening in my life as well as in lives of many people around me. These changes are (or seem to be) totally independent of each other, yet they are so connected to one another that it’s almost unbelievable. Especially considering the wide range of changes – from personal to professional.

And do you know what’s the worst thing about it? It’s that I can’t blog about it all. I talk to some of you about bits and pieces. But that’s just not the same. And it …aargh… it kills me. Because I can’t make up my own mind about many things without discussing them with others, and I can’t discuss them with others because so many people are involved in all of it on so many levels.

Now… this is about as much as I can tell you…

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