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Visit to a Russian shop

Ice cream

There are plenty of Russians living in Cyprus. And, as usual in such situations, there are plenty of Russian shops around. Those shops sell all sorts of stuff “from Russia with love” – books, drinks, food…

For a totally unknown reason, both Olga and I never went to any of these shops. One time or the other we’d imagine that we did, to buy something that we miss, but we never actually went there.

Until today.

I don’t know about Olga, but for me – I’m glad that I went there AFTER my recent trip to Russia. Most of the stuff looked familiar and I was navigating around pretty good. If I came before the trip, I’d be totally disoriented by the brands around. I wouldn’t know what is what and how to use it. Gladly, it didn’t happen.

I needed less than five minutes to buy some sunflower seeds for Olga, and some ice cream for myself. Done and out. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We’ll probably go back some time soon…

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