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Web standards are important. The Google example.

It’s been said over and over again that everyone should pay close attention to web standards, when developing websites. Benefits are way too many – from decreased size and complexity of the website to better parsing with all sort of devices. All we need now is a bunch of examples. Examples, that use big names and are easy to understand.

Imagine how much bandwidth can be saved by chopping off a kilobyte or two from the Google’s main page. Here’s why and how post by Philipp Lenssen.

I end up with a Strict page (HTML + CSS, no JS) of 2.85 K. I end up with Google’s deprecated page (just the HTML, no JS) of 3.08 K. (Furthermore, when we save the logo as PNG instead of GIF and crop it from unnecessary white space, we end up with a 7.87 K image instead of a 8.35 K one.)

Via Photo Mutt.

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