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Bloglines freedback

Bloglines are asking for some freedback. If you are too lazy to click through and read their post, “freedback” is basically your regular feedback, but which can be found in blogs by Bloglines stuff. If you want to complain about something, just blog about it and use “bloglines” and “freedback” words in that post. They’ll catch it. Or so they say.

As much as I like the concept of coining a term for this type of feedback, I hate this implementation. “Freedback” doesn’t really mean anything to me, and thus hard to remember and long to type. Maybe that’s because English isn’t my native language. I don’t know.

Now for some real Bloglines freedback… Things that I think need improvement:

But despite all the changes that I wish to see made to Bloglines, it’s still the best alternative out there. I’ve tried them all (and keep trying) and none other service or application provides this level of quality, integrity, and stability. Seriously, keep it up guys!

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