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More on diet

I think I’ve decided on the diet.

There is one that goes something like this: eat whatever you want, but no later than 18:00. I’ve checked it up and it seems to work good. The only problem with it is that my dayly routine is not scheduled very well. My office shifts vary greatly from 7am-16pm, through 15pm-midnight, to 23pm-8am. There is practically no repeation weekly and I can’t plan very well for the future.

So, I am going to modify the original slightly: last meal (food intake) should be at least 5 hours before sleep time. It sounds reasonable.

Also, I am going to alter my food a bit. I am going to make an effort to stay away from bread, spaghetti, and other bread-like items. Also, I am going to decrease the amount of sugar and salt that I eat. No alcohol, except for big occasions. Not even beer. Less fat (beef instead of pork, etc).

Of course, any diet is as good as one can keep it. So, I will allow exceptions once in a while, just to stay sane. But, on a big scale, I am going to it less, and excersize more. From what I hear – this is the only good way to lose those kilos.

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