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Certificate of Naturalization

This is the quick update about my citizenship case.

Yesterday somone from Nicosia called me and informed that my Certificate of Naturalization is ready, and that I should come and pick it up. I talked with the guy who is handling the paperwork for my case and he said that he won’t be able to get it, because they (The Ministry of Interiior?) will give it only to me.

Today I went to Nicosia and, indeed, picked it up myself. It took me about an hour to get to the capitol, and about an hour to come back. The “getting” part was less than 15 minutes.

To summarize the soap opera above: the paper that proves my Cypriot citizenship is in my hands. In two copies. Wow!

There is still plenty of paperwork to do – passport, ID card, voting logbook, military, and some more. But all these are nuances. The main question has been answered, it was answered in my favor, and I have the paper to prove it.

Currently, I am a little bit beyond happy.

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