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From alpha to omega

Many years ago, when I was in highschool, I had an encyclopedia, called “From alpha to omega”. It was a soft cover book with a whole bunch of interesting facts and measures. A sort of mix between Guiness World Records book and units utility on UNIX.

Judging by the title, I thought that I had volume 1 of a two-books set. Alpha is like A in English alphabet, or A in Russian alphabet – the first letter. Omega, I figured, is like O – somewhere in the middle. There should be another volume with the title like “From Pita to Zeta”. Or something along those lines.

Today, I attended the first lesson of Greek language. Alphabet is usually among the first things they teach you, when starting with a new language. Today wasn’t an exception. I learned that alpha is the first letter of Greek alphabet, and omega is the last. My view of the world changed. Suddenly, it seemed like there was much less information out there, than I thought there is.

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