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Easter eggs and Trojan horses

As with any other holiday season, for the Easter the city is decorated with themed objects – bunnies, chicken, eggs, etc.

Today, I was walking down the street (no, I am not a pretty woman) and noticed one of those giant dyed eggs. A random thought popped up in mind. I thought that the egg was large that it could easily conceal a human being, or a few.

Then I tried to remember, if anyone every did it. My memory suggested the story of Trojan horse. I then realized that both Trojan horse and Easter egg are holiday season symbols, and that there are related. They are probably for different holidays, but the fact is that they are important at the times of celebrations.

So, if ages ago someone used Trojan horse to delivery soldiers inside the city, in our days, Easter egg would provide a good alternative (disregard for now the technological advances of the modern army). That sounded like fun.

But then I realized an even further correlation. Both terms are used in software development. Trojan horse is typically a malicious part of software. Easter egg is a fun feature, which is hidden, and which was not supposed to be in, in the first place.

Obviously, someone else had thought about it before. I can’t write it off as a coincidence.

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