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What are you using as a starting point?

Most of the modern browsers allow users to setup a starting page. Some browsers even let you use several pages or tabs to start working on exactly the things that you need to be working on.

For a long time I was using my own blog as a starting page. It helped me to get into browsing mood. I saw what were the last things I’ve written about and somehow continued from there. Plus, of course, the most important links are on my blog’s front page. Or, at least, they used to be there.

Recently I came to realize that my blog’s front page is not the best choice for starting point. The links have been moved around. And I also need to jump to different places straight away, depending on my mood and time of the day.

So, I created a simple, but very customized page with all the links that I need to get to quickly. It even features Google’s search form, so that I can save myself one click. Yup, that’s the one on the screenshot.

I wonder though, what are you guys using to start you off? Is it just a single page or a number of websites? Is it done by you or by someone else? Let me know via comments…

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