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More voting at IMDB

I was wondering around IMDb and noticed that my voting history was rather small. I checked it for a few movies and realized that a lot of stuff that I’ve seen isn’t there. Not that they lost something. It’s just I never voted in the first place. Some movies I saw before I knew what IMDB was. Others were even before I knew what Internet was. Yet others I saw recently, but forgot to vote. Or just didn’t care much.

So, I opened profiles of a few famous actors, and voted for those films that I remember seeing. I checked blog archives for all of them, and some were even mentioned. That made the whole thing easier.

Anyway, I have voted on about 50 films. My current total is 436. There’s still plenty of stuff missing, but I’ll find it eventually.

I have also noticed that IMDB now allows sharing of Voting History, so I made mine public and you can check it out here (you still have to be registered and logged in to view).

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