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Backposting record

Usually I blog every day. I write at least one post a day. But sometimes I am either too busy or too lazy to do so. When this happens I make either written or mental notes of a post that I want to write. Just to remember. And when I get out of my busy schedule or my lazyness, I write the actual text and backpost it (set the posting date to the day and time when I originally had the idea).

Normally, I get into my blogging mood pretty fast – one or two days, which is about five posts worth of blogging. I try to make the blogging vacations as short as possible, because it is very difficult to get back.

I was back from my blogging vacations yesterday, but I had so many posts postponed that I couldn’t bother. Today I said – “Enough!” and forced my sorry bottom to write everything down before my head would explode into tiny pieces.

Ladies and gentlemen – we have a backposting record! 15 posts were just backdated. Out of these 15 posts I had written notes of only 4. That means I had 11 posts in my head!

(the sound of standing ovations … Thank you! Thank you!)

I’ll try to never ever do it again, because it almosts hurts.

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